A little review

Hi folks!!! Well, this is a little post, with a little review of #TC1019, in general about Fundamentals of Software Engineering. At the end I share a video link of my talked review. Commonly, we think that SE is a science of alone people, we think Eoftware borns in a dark room with only one … Continue reading A little review


Open Source SW

It´s time to talk a little about Open Source Software. If you can remember, we published a post about Software Licenses. This are to ensure software are going to be well distributed/implemented/modified by all of the user that sees it. Recently I want to comment I assist to a litlle course of Software optimization for … Continue reading Open Source SW

About functional an non functional requirements

Hello there! Today we are talking a little bit about Functional and non fuctional requirements in Software. Original at: http://www.startxconsulting.comFirst of all, lets define what a requirement is: Requirement: menas what needs to be covered to achieve the project,it cover the description and conditions in which the project must work and the things that needs … Continue reading About functional an non functional requirements

About Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Today we are going to learn about SDLC (Sftware Development Life Cycle) it means, the steps a software engineer needs to follow to produce good software separated in 5 different steps:   Requirements Gathering/Analysis (Analyse user requirements) This part is the pilar of the software development, is were the needs of the client are analyzed … Continue reading About Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Expanding Software Engineering

Today I have read about few persons who dedicated their lives to develop and work on Software Engineering topics. This is why I decided to dedicated this post to Barry Boehm, professor of Software Engineering at U.S.C (University of Soutern California). information of Barry Bohen retrieved from: http://csse.usc.edu/csse/about/people/faculties/BarryBoehm.html Barry Boehm TRW Professor of Software Engineering, Computer … Continue reading Expanding Software Engineering

What does a Software Engineer do?

What is a software Engineer? People, that from point of view of people, dedicates themselves to Software Engineering: -Not only coding, it is also information and administration of this information. Many people generalize that it is engineering It includes optimization & processes. Development and maintain, update efficiently and reliably. According the specifications and demonstrate they … Continue reading What does a Software Engineer do?