SW Verification and Validation

In one of our previous post we have talked about software testing. There are many options totest your software, but now we have another topic related to discuss. Is software validation the same as software verification? In https://iiseblogs.org/  words: Validation can be described as verifying that you are building what the customer wants. Software validation … Continue reading SW Verification and Validation


User Interface Design

User Interface Design is an area of the Software development, that emphazises the users needs by the time he/she is implementing the software we developed. We have seen that, for example, Google and all of the big trademarks have chosen the method of minimize the style of their User interfaces. But first, what exactly is … Continue reading User Interface Design

RAD model

From: http://www.chrysalis-solutions.com/images/rad.gifRAD (Rapid Application Development) is based on prototyping and iterative development with no specific planning involved. This uses the minimal planning processes to make more efficient the development process. In RAD model the functional modules are developed in parallel as prototypes and are integrated to make the complete product for faster product delivery. RAD model distributes … Continue reading RAD model

V – Shaped model

Original at: http://www.rootsitservices.com/pictures/v-shaped.jpgThe V - Shaped model is a variant of Waterfall method more emphasized in the validation and verification phases of the software development proccess. The different phases of this method are followed in parallel. In V Model there are some steps or sequences specified which should be followed during performing test approach. Once … Continue reading V – Shaped model