Extreme Programming

What is Extreme programming? Let´s have a general look of what XP is: It started in March 6, 1996 (As part of the Agile process). Original at: https://7bsp1018.wikispaces.com/eXtreme+Programming Extreme Programming is successful because it stresses customer satisfaction. There are five essential ways to improove XP: Communication Simplicity Feedback Respect Courage About XP the principal thing … Continue reading Extreme Programming


Agile Methodology

Original at: https://www.versionone.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/agile101-software-dev-300x200.gif Agile Scrum Methodology Scrum is a management and control process that cuts through complexity to focus on building software that meets business needs. With Scrum methodology, the “Product Owner” works closely with the team to identify and prioritize system functionality in form of a “Product Backlog”. The Product Backlog consists of features, … Continue reading Agile Methodology