Software testing




Up to this point we have talked a little about different ways to organize the way you program. Look one thing, we are posting different tools to help you and help us manage the way we program.

This doesn´t mean you need always to follow this specific rules to program step by step.

Program is like talking, everybody is different than the others.

Taking in mind that, we are going to talk about some of the testing tools that are availabe in the web to help you test your software.



First let´s see the different test steps according

Retrived from:

Exploratory Software Testing:

This is the test related with the workflow of your work. This is also related with how is looked your software as users, some users will be domain experts while others will be beginners. Exploratory software test covers all types of users and is fundamental for validating user experience,as opposed to focusing on a specific area of code.

Exploratory tests fit well with the Agile concept of user stories. A user story is a plain English description of how software should work. Engineers implement software based on user stories. Software test engineers and other users can easily turn a user story into a Test Session. Test Sessions are short, focused tests that can evaluate a user story for correctness.

Also, a Exploratory Test allows you to receive good feedback of your work. This means, updates, and all the upgrades of it are followed directly from the users, that are the final consumers of your software.

Remember, a happy customer is a happy developer.




Integration Test

This means, testing all the parts of the project or the software by units of its. All of the units are the minimal parts of the project that can be tested.

In an integration test, you “slice” in the units and then test part by part, to join the project at the end.

Integration testing is a component of Extreme Programming (XP), a pragmatic method of software development that takes a meticulous approach to building a product by means of continual testing and revision.


Functional Test



Functionality testing is performed to verify that a software application performs and functions correctly according to design specifications. During functionality testing, is checked the core application functions, text input, menu functions and installation and setup on localized machines, etc.


Unit Testing:

  •  A unit is the smallest testable part of an application like functions, classes, procedures, interfaces. Unit testing is a method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine if they are fit for use.

  • Unit tests are basically written and executed by software developers to make sure that code meets its design and requirements and behaves as expected.



These are the parts that are needed to be tested while you finish your code writing. So don´t give up, in one post more I will comment what are the tools for this!


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