API´s in Aerospace Sciences

The past days we write a little about API´s and also we have the enormous pleasure to have a little talk with Kin Lane (@kinlane at twitter) about API´s and how they are changing and have changed the world.



Personally, I love Aerospace sciences, and that is why I want to write a little about API´s in aerospace sciences:

First of all, the API´s Aerospace organization like NASA (governmetn institution) use to provide it´s data to normal persons like you and me are a little complex to use. But lets think about the enormous amount of information the satellites and the stations are taking everyday.

To select data to download (Yes, is free, inforamtion about the world, about climate and Earth conditions) visit the following pages:


There are different for each data tipes, and you only need to read a little to get the idea of what you are doing.

Feel free to check about API´s related work in NASA at:


And most important of all, don´t give up thinking API´s, Engineering or Sciences is only one thing, you can apply nowadays the knowledge of what you love in practuically everything.




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