Software Development Brief

Hi there! Let´s take a look about what steps needs to be covered to Develop software:


First, you need to set up what needs to be done, how and maybe where.

This is commonly forgiven for the students to are starting in Software Development Process. Is always the “Let´s do it” and not the “How” what we think about.

So first, check what are going to be the main characteristics of your project, the main idea and stablish a work plan.


Once you´ve set up a Prerequisites list/work plan, you need to start designing, it doesn´t mean having all the project in one area or all the idea stabliushed. Remember, Development is changing ideas and evolving this ideas thorough the process. Design means start with the idea, it can be pseudo-code or a draft code.


Then, you need to clean your draft code, so the result can be implemented in the application phase. This is due to the excesive existence of bad code on the world and if you want to be a good SD´per you need to make the thing a good way.


Here, maybe the hardest of the phases, at least for me, in this step you need to “patch” all the mistakes or fix all the bugs the code or the project has. This is harder because if you are keeping all the bugs to the final you are going to be losed in a bunch of bugs. Let´s have a time to debug in each step, and in this phase you can make your project be more efficient.


This is one of my favorites, in this phase you need to explain what you made, Even if it is in the code (I prefer that) or in a special document. Please follow a common rules, and don´t be away of your first stablishment (Nobody understands a code with no identation, bad comments or things like “This is a temporal variable to use” on it).


Finally, keep coding, keep achieving goals in your code and make it more reliable.


Feel free to check my post about SDLC at:



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