Extreme Programming

What is Extreme programming?

Let´s have a general look of what XP is:

It started in March 6, 1996 (As part of the Agile process).

Original at: https://7bsp1018.wikispaces.com/eXtreme+Programming

Extreme Programming is successful because it stresses customer satisfaction.

There are five essential ways to improove XP:

  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Feedback
  • Respect
  • Courage

About XP the principal thing is that customers are like partners with developers in all steps of development process.

It all begins with the customer´s idea:


Then all is released in the developers line, the tasks a developer must cover along with the customer are:

Release and planning

In this step the developer and customer are planning the original idea and thinking how to make it “grow up”, like a little baby.

You don´t get away of this step until you get stablished the main idea and characteristics of the project.


In this phase the developer starts to test and code the project according to release and planning deliverables.

You are stick in this phase until you change and fix all (or most) of the bugs. Then you release the lastest version.

Acceptance test

In this phase the customer and you are working to analyze the product and get feedback of it until the customer approves the final product.

At last, but not least:

A small releases are delivered.

At: https://loyalty360.org/loyalty-today/article/4-ways-to-deliver-outstanding-customer-experiences


If you want more info about XP visit:





With: Andrea Patriacia Trejo Dorantes at #TC1019



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