What does a Software Engineer do?


What is a software Engineer?

People, that from point of view of people, dedicates themselves to Software Engineering: -Not only coding, it is also information and administration of this information.

Many people generalize that it is engineering It includes optimization & processes.

Development and maintain, update efficiently and reliably. According the specifications and demonstrate they are good enough for the problem/situation where they are applied.

Satisfy clients’ necessities. Due to the demand of code and applications destinated to solve conflicts.

The terminology:

In past, Software Engineering were going to be “software physics”, but since the term were taken in other definition, Software Engineering were the name.

As an art:

Since is not only to follow a process to create or to develop a thing, its to create the process, to get out of the way with the rules and start a new line to start with.  Is also creating and adapting this process.

As Science:

The knowledge of software engineering can be transmitted and science is the integration knowledge, passed through generations.




By: Ekaterina Chumakova, Lucía Velasco, Miguel Miranda, Antonio Silva.


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