A little review

Hi folks!!! Well, this is a little post, with a little review of #TC1019, in general about Fundamentals of Software Engineering. At the end I share a video link of my talked review. Commonly, we think that SE is a science of alone people, we think Eoftware borns in a dark room with only one … Continue reading A little review


SW Verification and Validation

In one of our previous post we have talked about software testing. There are many options totest your software, but now we have another topic related to discuss. Is software validation the same as software verification? In https://iiseblogs.org/  words: Validation can be described as verifying that you are building what the customer wants. Software validation … Continue reading SW Verification and Validation

Software Design Patterns

It´s time to talk about Software Design Patterns. They are solutions to common problems that developers face. Many software design patterns address common situations that developers need to implement in every application they build (e.g. object initialization). Take just about any programming problem and there are only a few good implementation approaches, but many bad … Continue reading Software Design Patterns